Wow, I Almost Forgot…

I’m back again: I promised you guys earlier that I would share the Peter Pan poster I created. Well, I didn’t. Here it is though.image

Sorry about the PicCollage watermark, it came like that. If you want to follow me on PicCollage my account is littlemissadelaide just like on here.

Hope you liked my poster as much as Bethlyn did!

Luv from Adelaide ūüĖĖ‚úĆ

Whoops and Food

I’m not going to have a lot of time to hang out with you guys, sorry. I’m really busy. Like REALLY¬†busy. But I’ll try to write as much as I can!

Nothing big, really. We have a new addition to our hangout group. Now the lunch group at Table 14 is:

Adelaide, Tallina, Hazel, Miriam, Hydee, Ashling, Berkeley

Joshua, Camden, Dashiell, Jem, Will, Everett, and Alaric¬†(that’s the new guy)

EW! Maman¬†went to college in Germany, so now she’s always making spinach and eggs for dinner. Curse those Germans! That’s what we’re having tonight. I wish she would make spinach on crep√©s. I love hearty crep√©s. And also that’s the only way that spinach tastes good. I hate eggs either way.

Can you believe that Hazel HATES oranges? I mean, if you’re allergic to citrus…and Hydee has chickens that can’t have it either…but seriously, Hazel?

Well, that was my ranty episode of today. I hope I’ll be writing more soon.

Luv from Adelaide

Nothing Too Bad Today…

Hallo Spaceboys!

There wasn’t anything interesting going on today, but Aubrey is sort of¬†evolving out of his “moody mode”. Via, Joshua and I decided on that name. Perfect, right? As soon as we get a name for it,¬†it¬†goes away.

Anyway, I had a singing practice for my upcoming performance today. It was really random, because usually I practice on Wednesdays, but since my coach doesn’t think she’ll be there Wednesday we did it today. It’s sounding pretty good, Adelaide’s Lament from Guys & Dolls. Joshua picked it for me, to make a little joke, but honestly, I enjoy singing it.

Holden thinks he’s so great now since he’s TEN now. That’s DOUBLE-DIGITS already! I mean, can¬†you believe it? Well, Holden, I’m a teenager. Beat that! He’s been trying to order me around, though, and whenever I don’t do what he says, he throws a fit and Via and Maman give me the stink eye. Maman has been a little sick, and in a really bad mood, even worse than Aubrey! I’m glad Ashling¬†has been driving us to rehearsals. Or, rather, her mom. Ashling and her brother Pete are in the play too. Ashling plays Eliza the cleaning girl and a Native, and Pete is Michael. He’s about eight, a little younger than Holden.


Luv from Adelaide

Holden’s Party, A Few Lost Boys And Then A Lot Of Lost Boys

Holden’s party first.

The cupcakes went really well, surprisingly. The little boys devoured it, and then it ended up being that Via, Joshua, Aubrey and I each got half a cupcake. Maman took us out for Fro Yo when Dad and the little kids went to play soccer at the park, though, so it was worth it.

When the party was over and almost everyone was picked up, we realized some of the boys were missing. We called for Andrew and Michael everywhere, but we couldn’t find them. Dad started panicking and thought we had left them at the park, so Via went to help him lie down. Maman sent me and Joshua on our bikes and Aubrey in Dad’s car to look around, and she took her own. She told us to text her if anyone was found. Maman told me and Joshua to “stick together”, so we were riding around the neighborhood screaming things like¬†“This isn’t funny!” I’m so glad it’s only ancient people in the neighborhood. Any teen like me would think I was crazy.

It was Joshua who finally spotted the boys. They were sitting outside Swirls Frozen Yogurt, where Maman¬†had taken us earlier. They told us that they didn’t like soccer, and they heard Maman talking about Fro Yo, and they had brought money, for some reason, so they hid in the trunk. The when we got out, they got out, and hid. Finally they came out and we were gone. I asked them why they didn’t call us, and Michael said they didn’t have phones. I didn’t tell him the people who work at Swirls would be glad to call our parents, because it would be harder to get him home.

Andrew rode¬†on Joshua’s bike, on the seat while Joshua pedaled standing up. Michael is so small he fits in my bike basket on the back of my bike. We got home, where Andrew’s mom and Michael’s nanny were waiting. The boys left and Maman and Aubrey got home.

Maman was a little miffed that we hadn’t texted her (“Oh darn!” From Joshua and “I’m sorry, Maman” from me) and Aubrey was in total rage mode again. I don’t understand teenage boys.

Tallina and Hazel did the movie marathon, I assume, but I went to Hydee’s house for a pool party. I didn’t want to leave Tallina and Hazel sitting in a ditch, but Tallina and Hazel¬†had never scheduled it with me, and Hydee scheduled it this morning. Priorities, girls, sorry!

Right now I’m at my rehearsal for Peter Pan (we had a poster designing contest because Bethlyn, the director in case¬†you don’t remember, wanted an original poster. I won, and I’ll share the picture with you as soon as I have my next break), watching Joshua¬†and the Lost Boys Ensemble Group, which includes Holden. I have to go on soon, but I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully. Dad, who’s the strictest about my phone, is going out of town).

Luv from Adelaide

Adelaide’s Baking Catastrophe #1 (ABC)

So, I’m baking cupcakes for Holden’s birthday party this afternoon. Chocolate cupcakes. And so I get a tin and I go ask Maman, “can I use this tin?” She’s still in bed. And Maman says “That is¬†the one, but do not forget, Adelaide, to grease! Need help?” I tell her no, and I won’t forget. I walk into the kitchen, pick up the bowl with batter, and pour it into the UNGREASED¬†pan not a minute after Maman reminded me to grease it.

I am an idiot.

Anyway, I’m desperately trying to get the batter out of the cupcake tin (so much for my not needing help) when Aubrey walks in. And you know how Aubrey’s been in a horrible mood lately.

So Aubrey walks in, and sensing danger I try to hide the cupcake tin from him. But Aubrey saw it.

“What do you have there, Adelaide?”

“Aaaaah, nothing.”

“Is that cupcakes?”

“They’re not baked yet, Aubrey. But you can have one tomorrow.” I’m desperately trying to get out of this.

“It’s not greased. MAMAN!!!!!!!!!!”

“She’s tired,” I hiss, but Maman is already coming downstairs.

“Aubrey,¬†ne¬†criez pas si fort, Holden et Via sont encore¬†endormis!” Maman hisses. (That means “Aubrey, don’t shout so loud, Holden and Via are still asleep.” Now you say, “Yes, French Professor Harper!” or “Oui, Francais de Langue Professeur¬†Harper!”) Aubrey rolls his eyes.

“Maman, Adelaide n’a pas graisser la po√™le pour les petits g√Ęteaux ! Maintenant, nous ne serons pas en mesure de les¬†sortir!” Aubrey replies. (That means “Mom, Adelaide did not grease the pan for cupcakes! Now, we will not be able to take them out!”)

“Why are you so jerky lately?” I ask in English. Aubrey walks off with a huff.

“Adelaide, mon petit chou,” Maman begins, “did you really not grease? I said for you to grease!” (“Mon petit chou” means “my little cabbage”, it’s a term of endearment.)

“I’m sorry I’m such an idiot, Mom. I’ll clean it up. And I’ll apologize to Holden for ruining his cupcakes.” I say, again in English.

“Non, non, mon¬†chou.” (“No, no, Sweetie.”)

“Qu’est-ce que tu veux dire, non?” (What do you mean, no?)

“Je ne suis pas en col√®re. Nous aurons ce soit r√©gl√© assez t√īt.” (“I’m not angry. We’ll have this fixed up soon enough.”)

Adelaide’s Adventures brings you ABC, featuring The Awesomest Maman In The World, aka mine.

Whooooo, I’m Tired

I haven’t been able to sleep all night for some reason. I just watched the Jungle Book last night and it was amazing! Also I went to Hazel’s house and we watched this video “I’ve Got A Jar Of Dirt”. OMG so funny! We also watched “Bushes of Love Bad Lip Reading”, where Obi-Wan Kenobi is singing to Luke. I was laughing so hard and so were Hazel and her mom.

In the Jungle Book (and if you haven’t watched it you should), at one point Mowgli is just sitting there and a monkey comes up to him.

MONKEY: ooh eeeee oooo

MOWGLI: Go away.

MONKEY: ooooo ooooo ooooo

MOWGLI: Leave me alone!

MONKEY: eeeee ooooo eeeee eeee

MOWGLI: Stop! Leave me alone.

And I leaned over to Holden and whispered, “Hey Hold. That’s me and you.” I got a good laugh out of Hazel and Joshua but Holden dumped popcorn all over my lap. Whatever. It was worth it.

I probably won’t post tonight but I might tomorrow. Hazel, Tallina and I were planning to do a movie marathon though.

Whatever. I’ll see you!

Luv from Adelaide

Update April 15

Hi Everyone,

I’m¬†sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but I was just so busy! I had to go to school. Then I had a rehearsal. Then I had to ump¬†a baseball game that went till 9. Then I went out¬†for pizza with Dad, Joshua, Via and Holden whose game it was.¬†Then… Yeah, you get the idea.

Aubrey is filling out college applications 24/7 and he’s been really moody. Via has been weird too, but everyone has their phases, right?

I have a lot of stuff planned tomorrow so I probably can’t post. But I’m seeing a movie tonight, so wish me fun! Update on Sunday.

Luv from Adelaide


I Don’t Have Much Time, So This One Will Be Quick…


I have a rehearsal in 20 minutes, and I’m sitting in the car typing this as fast as I can. If there are any spelling errors blame it on my mom’s car and this HORRIBLE BUMPY ROAD!!!!!!!

I had to have all my lines memorized by today, and I think…I hope…I do. Everyone in my family except Maman, Dad, and Aubrey are in the play, that is: me as Wendy, Joshua as Peter, Via in Eliza’s cleaning girl ensemble and Wendy’s daughter Jane, and Holden in the Lost Boys ensemble. We’re also the theatre groups major sponsor…you know what, I think our family is famous throughout town. I would say LOL but I think I’ve been overusing it.

My character shoes are scuffed up, I think I need new ones.

I can’t wait for Olivia to get her own car for her 18th birthday, in 3¬†years, because then I’ll get to sit in the front and won’t be squashed in the back with Holden and Joshua.

Anyway, I have to get inside, because Bethlyn (the director) wants to talk to me. Again, sorry for the short post and I’ll be back soon.

Coming, Bethlyn!

Luv from Adelaide

I’m Back!

Hey everyone,

I just got back from France a few days ago, and I would have posted every day but for the fact that I FORGOT MY PHONE CHARGER!!!!! What is worse than that? So I sucked up my whole battery on the plane because I thought¬†I’ll just recharge in¬†Uz√©s¬†(Uz√©s is where my aunt lives) but then I forgot my charger so I couldn’t post all week.

Cosette and I hung out mostly, but we went to Paris for two days…by ourselves…and met up with Cosette’s friends in Paris. My friends are jealous…lol

My other cousins were annoying us the whole time, especially Severin and Julius, the two boys. We saw “Avril et le Monde Truqu√©”, or April and the Extraordinary¬†World, and although I didn’t like it much, it was an excuse to eat lots of candy and hang out with Cosette and Livie. Also we teased Julius because there’s a guy named Julius in the movie who… Never mind. No spoilers…LOL. Do I say LOL too much? As in, every paragraph? My friend K√§the watched it and had the same reaction…though she didn’t eat as much candy as I did, nobody can…

I’ve been back for a day now but it took my phone FOREVER for recharge.

Exciting Events, coming up…

My Birthday! Joshua and I are turning 14 on May 24!!!!!

I’m going to Uz√©s in the summer, to see Cosette¬†as Cosette in Les Miserables…

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll get out of this lazy streak and be back tomorrow.

Luv from Adelaide

Happy Birthday!

If it’s your birthday, then yes, happy birthday. But mostly I meant my brother Holden.

Today is Holden’s birthday. That means a giant French cake (compliments of¬†Grandmer√©, me and Joshua), presents (compliments of the family and Holden’s friends) and…well, Holden thinking that everyone has to do his bidding since it’s his birthday.

I’m writing this post with the last 16% on my phone, so bear with me folks. If this post is published and you’re thirsty for more, you’ll just have to wait until my phone is charged/until I get back from the talent show.

I’m MCing the school talent show tonight. I’m not nervous, I just see it as another show, but I won’t be in character, I’ll be me, so it’ll be a challenge. But challenges are good!

Tomorrow is April Fools. Beware of digital pranks. LOL I doubt those exist.

Well, Hazel is knocking on the door and here comes Tallina to go get our hair done for the talent show.

Luv from Adelaide